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Steve O' Kelley

Mr O'Kelley has over 46 years experience in the industry. He is registered as an electrical and mechanical engineer in 14 states, and is throughly well versed in the design of mechanical and electrical systems for major projects that required close integration of the mechanical and electrical systems in to the architectural design.

Brian Richards

Mr Richards began his career as a structural engineer, but after 7 years experience decided to turn his attentions to the arena of HVAC design. Since founding Summit Consultants, Inc. in 1996 he has worked to become proficient in Plumbing and Electrical design as well as HVAC. Mr Richards is registered as an engineer in 26 states and particularly enjoys more challenging projects such as concert halls and museums.

David Meier

Mr Meier is a principal with Summit Consultants, has over 20 years of mechanical engineering experience and is a licensed mechanical engineer in several states including dual licensure as a mechanical and fire protection engineer in the states of Texas and New Mexico. Currently and for the past 10 years Mr Meier has provided the role of Plumbing and Fire Protection Department Manager at Summit Consultants.

Mark Tiner

Mr Tiner is a principal with Summit Consultants, and has over 25 years of electrical engineering experience. He is a Texas licensed electrical engineer. His responsibilities include providing speciality automation support for more efficient CADD production techniques using application specific programming. Mr Tiner provides supervision and quality control for the electrical staff as well as CADD support responsibilities.

Garrett Brown

Mr Brown handles the Commissioning department at Summit.



Richard Long

Mr. Long has over 23 year of experience in the HVAC industry and is a licensed mechanical engineer in the state of Texas.  Mr. Long began his career in the installation and service side of the industry, eventually transitioning to the consulting side where he has gained design experience in several market sectors: Pharmaceutical, Chemical Processing Facilities, Central Plants, Medical and Education. Mr. Long’s focus on energy-efficiency design has been successful in chilled water plants, laboratories, kitchens, emergency and acute care facilities as well as chemical processing and manufacturing plants.  Mr. Long currently serves as the Mechanical Engineering Manager  for Summit and is also holds certifications as a Certified Energy Manager and Geo-Exchanger Designer.